Essential Information For Visitors to Koh Chang

Tourist Information and Koh Chang FAQs

Where can I exchange money on Ko Chang?

Banks, Currency Exchange & ATM’s

There are several banks and ATM’s situated in all the main beach areas along the West coast of Koh Chang, so withdrawing cash will not be a problem. All the banks are open throughout the week, with most also open on the weekends during High Season.

When it comes to changing currency, there are numerous currency booths in all the popular areas along the West coast and are open 7 days a week. Some of the resorts will also change currency for you, but the rates will be more than likely lower than the banks or withdrawing it from ATM’s. Just be aware of any extra charges if withdrawing cash from the ATM’s.  Thai banks charge 150 Baht / withdrawal.  This is on top of any charges imposed by your own bank.

Credit and debit cards are accepted at all large resorts and many restaurants on the island, but smaller establishments will add on 3 – 5% to cover their costs for accepting a credit card transaction.   In local restaurants, bars and shops, cash is king.  Likewise when paying for trips and tours, you’ll need cash.

Exchange rates vary a little from beach to beach, here is a guide to which exchanges and banks have the best exchange rates.

Is there good Internet on Ko Chang?

Internet & WiFi

You will still find a handful of internet cafés along the West coast of Koh Chang, for a reasonable price of 1-2 Baht per minute you will be connected to a decent internet connection.  However, nowadays pretty much all coffeeshops, bars and restaurants have free wifi for their customers.  so you’ll never be far from somewhere you can update your Facebook status.  Internet connections are now on fiber optic cables and so are very reliable.  No matter where you stay you should be able to watch Netflix on your Ipad

Likewise most resorts and accommodation provide wifi.  In smaller resorts this is likely to be free.  In larger resorts, some still ask for payment.

Alternatively, buy a 4G SIM card from any mobile phone shop or 7-eleven on Koh Chang.  This will give you high speed coverage pretty much anywhere on the island and also on outlying islands. You’ll need to take your passport to show proof of ID when buying the SIM card. There are three mobile companies in Thailand – True, DTAC and AIS.  All have good 4G coverage on Koh Chang and nearby islands.  It doesn’t matter which you choose.

What is the Electricity supply on Ko Chang?


The electricity supply on Koh Chang is 220 volts. The two pin plug is the most commonly used, but you may come across other plug/sockets in use. Adapters can be bought cheaply in the minimarts and 7/11’s on the island.  There’s no need to buy an expensive travel adapter from home.  Likewise charging cables for phones, Ipads etc can be bought on the island from 7-elevens and several mobile phone and computer shops dotted around the main beaches.  So if you forget yours or lose one, it can easily be replaced.

What is the weather like on Ko Chang?

Weather and Climate

When it comes to weather, Koh Chang has three seasons. The cool season runs from November to February, this is the ideal holiday time with temperatures averaging between 27°c – 30°c during the day, and 15°c – 20°c at night. You will experience glorious bright sunny days with the odd thunderstorm now and again.

The hot season starts in March and lasts until the middle to end of May. The days during this period can be very hot and humid, with average daily temperatures rising to over 30°c + during the day, and 22°c at night.  Expect some thunderstorms as the clouds build up over the hills due to the humidty.

Finally the rainy season lasts between the end of May to the end of October. It will rain most days, with unpredictable weather and daily downpours, but you will still experience sunny spells and blue skies.  The heaviest rain is usually overnight or early morning.  On the while the afternoon and evenings are usually dry. Temperatures will rise to  30°c most days and stay around 20°c in the evening.  Bear in mind the sea can be rough at this time of year.  Even if the sun is shining there can be rip currents on the west coast beaches.  Every year several people die.  Don’t ignore the red flags.  They are there for a reason.

Do I need a visa for a holiday in Thailand?


The Thai government allows passport holders from 55 different countries entry into Thailand on the visa exemption scheme. You will be issued a 30 day visa on arrival by air, which can be used for tourism purposes.

For those arriving into Thailand across land borders from neighbouring countries, you will be issued a visa exemption stamp for 30 or 15 days depending on nationality.

If you’re looking to extend your visa or have other queries while on Koh Chang, you will find the nearest immigration office in Klong Yai, near the Cambodian border. It is situated just out of the town center.  ( There is a small Immigration office on Koh Chang but this cannot extend visas or give re-entry permits etc. ) The location of the Klong Yai office is shown on

When arriving in Thailand you may be asked to show proof of an onward ticket and sufficient funds to cover the duration of your stay. In reality this is rarely checked, but its best to be aware of just in case.  To find out if your nationality is included in the visa exemption scheme, and to check the different visas available, head to the official website for visa information and procedures at

Are they hospitals and doctors on Koh Chang?

Healthcare & Vaccinations

Before travelling it is always recommended you consult with your doctor, they will recommend and vaccines needed, and assess any health risks. The recommended vaccinations for Koh Chang are Polio, Tetanus and Hepatitis A and B.

While mosquitoes are present on the island, Malaria and Dengue fever are very rare. However it is recommended to use insect repellent.

Always make sure you travel with health insurance, because while health care in Thailand is one of the best in South East Asia, costs in private hospitals can be high and you wouldn’t want to be left with an expensive bill to pay.

What should I do if I have an accident on Ko Chang?


There is one main Police station on Koh Chang, it is located near to the main hospital in the northeast of the island, at Dan Mai.  You’ll need to go here to file any type of report

Smaller Police boxes can also be found in these locations; White Sand Beach, Klong Prao, Kai Bae, Lonely Beach and Bang Bao. There is also a Tourist Police office on Koh Chang, which is located in Klong Prao village – between i-site internet cafe and Wat Klong Prao temple.

The government run Koh Chang hospital is the only hospital on the island and is located in the northeastern part of the island, at Dan Mai. Just south of the ferry terminal.

For non major medical cases, there is Koh Chang International Clinic. It is based at White Sands beach and is open 24 hours a day.   The clinic is equipped with very good facilities and provides great medical care, but is matched with high costs for treatment. So make sure you have travel insurance!  In the unfortunate case of a major medical emergency, patients will be taken to Bangkok Trat hospital on the mainland.

Smaller private and local clinics can be found further down the West coast at; Klong Son, Kai Bae, Klong Prao and Bang Bao.

There is also a very good Dental Clinic on the island in Klong Prao, on the roadside near the Emerald Cove Resort.  Make an appointment in advance, as the dentist is always very busy during High Season.

Useful Phone Numbers

Healthcare & Emergencies

Koh Chang Hospital                  – 039-586-131-160

Bangkok Hospital Trat               – 039-532-735

Koh Chang International Clinic  – 039-5511-512

Klong Prao Clinic                       – 039-557-070

Koh Chang Dental Clinic           – 039-557-235

Koh Chang Police Station         – 039-586-131

Tourist Police                             – 039-557-382-3

Immigration Office                     – 039-597-261-5



Koh Chang Ferry                      – 039-555-188

Centrepoint Ferry                     – 039-538-196

Bangkok Airways                      – 039-525-767-8

Trat Bus Station                        – 039-511-986