The Best Restaurants on Koh Chang

Koh Chang Restaurant Guide

What are the best restaurants on the island? It’s very hard to narrow down. As there are hundreds of restaurants in Koh Chang.  So finding a great place to eat on the island isn’t too hard.

But if you are travelling to the island, then it is necessary to carry out research and locate the best restaurants which will serve you the best foods. From reading Tripadvisor restaurant reviews, you will realize that in all areas of the island you’ll find some poor ones, some mediocre ones and some you’d be happy to return to daily.

There’s a wide range of cuisines on offer. You can go for local cuisines or opt for European dishes. There are even others which specialize in sea foods, BBQ, burgers, Greek, Mexican, Italian or French food.  We’ve also go a good selection of vegetarian restaurants on Koh Chang.

This is a list of some of the best restaurants on Koh Chang.  It isn’t in any order. Just recommended places to eat where we’re confident you will receive a good meal and good service.

Recommended Koh Chang Restaurants

Sharky’s Restaurant & Grill, Kai Bae

It is among the best places where you can access the best Thai food. The restaurant serves food such as chicken seared salmon, banana split among other types of foods. You can travel to the island with friends and family after which you will relax at the restaurant and enjoy different dishes. Seafood and your drink of choice are served by highly experienced professionals. You will always enjoy your experience upon relaxing at the restaurant.

Mordi e Fuggi, Kai Bae

The restaurant serves foods such as duck ravioli, tiramisu and tasty pizza. You will enjoy the food at the restaurant because they take time to ensure the ingredients are well balanced for you to always enjoy the food. The restaurant serves a wide variety of foods. Mordi e Fuggi makes it very easy for visitors travelling in a group to try a variety of different dishes.

Customer care services are top notch. You will always enjoy your time while eating the food. They take into consideration different aspects of serving food to ensure you are fully satisfied while eating the food.  Highly recommended  – one of the best Italian restaurants on Ko Chang.

Ido Ido Restaurant, Hat Sai Noi, Bangbao

Some of the meals you can access at the restaurant include soft shell crab, fried noodles and curry. The food is accompanied by laid back music which makes you enjoy the time you would be relaxed with your friends. Services are affordable and friendly.

Your experience while in the restaurant will be great due to the great hospitality experience offered by the experts at the restaurant. Many travelers who have eaten here agree Ido Ido is among the best places where you can enjoy your meals while in Koh Chang. And the views are awesome.  A laid back spot and recommended as one of the best beachfront restaurants on Ko Chang.

BB World of Tapas, Lonely Beach

They serve a wide variety of foods. You can access foods such as tapas, macaroni cheese among other popular Thai foods. Apart from eating quality food, the restaurant also offers a wide variety of accommodation facilities to allow you enjoy your stay. The services are top notch but you will pay fair prices. If you are looking for a way you can enjoy your travel experience, then you need to consider eating at the restaurant. BB World of Tapas is known to offer quality services by taking into consideration the quality of meals prepared.

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Buddha View Restaurant, Bangbao

It is a great spot where you can enjoy food with your family while visiting Koh Chang. For several years Buddha View has been offering quality services to travelers from across the globe. If you would like to enjoy your time while visiting different tourist attraction centers in the island, then you should opt for the services offered by the restaurant. They take into consideration different factors to ensure they have the best services for you to realize value for your money.

The interior design is lovely and the waiting staff are friendly. You will eat different dishes while smiling. Customer satisfaction is very high due to the quality services offered at the restaurant.  Buddha View is located near the end of Bangbao pier.

JE Seafood, Klong Prao beach

If you love seafood, this is one of the best restaurants on Koh Chang. The restaurant serves many different types of seafood dishes and is one of the most popular restaurants for Thai visitors to the island. However, it isn’t as well known for western tourists.  The food is amazing but priced at low prices for you to enjoy the experience. All the seafood served at the restaurant is very fresh.  Diners should be prepared for spicy Thai dips and sauces and intense flavours.

Diners will always realize the quality taste of seafood each time you spend time and eat at JE Seafood. There are many people visiting the restaurant, but the staff are fast to respond to the many customers who visit the restaurant.  Located on the roadside, just south of the turning to Klong Plu waterfall.  Our tip for on eof the best seafood restaurants on Ko Chang.

Pizza King Express, Chai Chet

The restaurant serves quality pizza. Pizza lovers travelling to the island will find the restaurant among the best restaurants where they can relax and enjoy food. Other popular dishes served at the restaurant include salad and salami which is prepared to meet the highest standards.

Diners can trust Pizza King Express to cook up top quality pizzas using imported ingredients for a reasonable price. The destination has well organized seats which allow you to enjoy great success in your travel. There are also other types of foods which you can enjoy while at the restaurant.

Ciao Koh Chang, White Sand beach

Patrons can select from a list of popular dishes such as ravioli, pizza and garlic bread. If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy quality Italian dishes, you can trust the facility to access the best foods which can assure you value for money. Even when travelling in a group, Ciao offers enough dishes and staff to ensure your dinner is enjoyable for all.

Chez David, Kai Bae beach

The restaurant serves food such as mussels, sandwiches among other brunch combinations. It is a one stop location where you can relax and enjoy different types of Belgian and French dishes. The restaurant is clean and has different selection of dishes for you to enjoy. When traveling in a group you will find the restaurant a great spot for you to relax and enjoy food. It is a cozy restaurant with a European inspired interior. You can enjoy food as if you are at home when in the restaurant.  Chez David is adjacent to the 7-eleven near Chang Park Resort.

Marco, VJ Plaza, Chai Chet

For fans of Italian food, one of the best restaurants you should try is Marco.  You can enjoy fresh pasta among other quality Italian cuisines. The restaurant has a nice finishing which will make you enjoy each aspect of your meal. Dishes are served while adhering to the highest standards and guests are treated with great care to ensure they are fully satisfied. You will feel the high level of appreciation offered by the owner and staff at Marco Italian restaurant.


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